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Class action: Sorting through a terabyte of data was just the start.
bit-x-bit Handles ESI End to End — on Time and on Budget
Defending a class action lawsuit filed against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in federal court, counsel for the Commonwealth retained bit-x-bit to handle all aspects of eDiscovery. The case involved more than a terabyte of electronically stored information, or ESI, and required eDiscovery experts who could provide end-to-end support on a tight budget.

  • Collected millions of electronic documents from more than 100 custodians in five regional offices throughout Pennsylvania
  • Processed over a terabyte of ESI
  • Assisted counsel in formulating a thorough, defensible search plan by preparing search expressions and testing keywords through sampling
  • Delivered the data to the client in native format for review
  • Managed the technical aspects of the electronic document review being performed by the client’s document review team using the client’s review tool
  • Produced documents to the opposing party in a rolling production, in the agreed-upon native format
An additional challenge was the existence of potentially responsive information in three databases with hundreds of thousands of entries. bit-x-bit assisted in formulating queries to extract the relevant data, and wrote custom software so that we could deliver the data counsel required in a user-friendly form.

bit-x-bit successfully collected, processed and keyword-searched millions of documents and reduced them to a defensible review set. The potentially responsive ESI was efficiently and economically reviewed, and responsive documents were produced to the opposing party on time and under budget.