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Computer forensic testimony supports $13 million jury verdict in gender bias case.
bit-x-bit Examination Confirms Backdating of Documents
A female supervisor at a manufacturing company alleged that she was discriminated against and terminated because of her gender. She engaged bit-x-bit to analyze the metadata of certain key electronic documents to determine whether they were backdated in an attempted cover-up.

Working with plaintiff’s counsel, bit-x-bit obtained and examined electronic documents produced by the defendant company, which supposedly documented the company’s complaints about the female supervisor. bit-x-bit provided a detailed expert report showing that the ESI metadata did not match the date of the documents, which supported the conclusion that the documents had been backdated.

The federal court jury awarded the female supervisor $950,000 in compensatory damages and $12.5 million in punitive damages, which, according to the female supervisor’s attorneys, was largely based on bit-x-bit’s computer forensic testimony.