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Government investigation demands fast, thorough eDiscovery processing.
bit-x-bit Meets Uncompromising Deadline for Fortune 100 Company
Counsel for a Fortune 100 Company responding to a government investigation retained bit-x-bit to handle all aspects of ESI processing and searching. Collection of emails and other company documents from nearly 50 employee-custodians located throughout the United States exceeded 500 gigabytes of data. The strict deadline imposed by the government required outside counsel to begin reviewing and producing documents responsive to the subpoena quickly.

bit-x-bit tested and sampled the ESI for counsel, including three iterations of search terms and expressions and preparation of sample data sets, and began delivering the responsive ESI to counsel on a rolling basis, just days after the first client delivery of collected data, so that counsel could begin document review.

bit-x-bit’s processing included:
  • TIFFing and OCRing
  • Extraction of metadata
  • Custodian level de-duplication
  • Date filtering
  • Keyword searching
The TIFFing requirements included conversion of more than 5 million pages of documents to TIFF, which significantly added to the complexity of the project and raised the level of processing and quality control measures required. Additionally, bit-x-bit customized the Ringtail load file format requested by counsel.

In total, bit-x-bit processed more than 3 million documents, reducing them to 300,000 electronic documents, which were delivered to counsel for review on time and on budget.