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Data analytics saves thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in review costs.
eDiscovery Team Harnesses Data Analytics and TAR to Meet Tight Deadline
bit-x-bit was engaged by a manufacturer being sued by a class of residents who lived adjacent to one of its manufacturing facilities and were claiming injury from alleged environmental hazards. Our e-discovery team worked with the client to leverage the capabilities of data analytics and technology assisted review (TAR), and then collected and processed more than 5.1 million documents, delivering responsive documents within six weeks.

Using data analytics and TAR, the client identified potentially relevant documents expeditiously, without the need for an attorney or a paralegal to review each document.

  • Searched more than 2 terabytes of data
  • Collected and processed more than 5.1 million documents
  • Produced responsive documents within six weeks
The bit-x-bit eDiscovery team used the Relativity® data analytics engine employing a TAR process called “Categorization” of seed documents to identify potentially responsive documents. Human document sampling and review validated the effectiveness of the seed documents in returning responsive documents. Potentially privileged documents were identified and removed through a combination of keyword search terms and analytics. More than 5 million documents were eliminated as bit-x-bit delivered the 30,000 potentially responsive documents to help the corporation defend its case.

The client met very tight deadlines, reduced a massive amount of data to only potentially relevant documents, produced responsive documents on time, spent a fraction of the cost of a full “linear review” and was able to defend the process with detailed reports and testimony provided by bit-x-bit.