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Jim Dixon
eDiscovery Services Manager
Jim Dixon is bit-x-bit’s eDiscovery Services Manager. With more than 20 years of experience in the eDiscovery field, Jim has deep expertise in various methods for preserving, analyzing, and reviewing electronically stored information. Jim has successfully designed and implemented technical quality-assurance programs, and has driven operational excellence by utilizing a strong knowledge of business processes and risk-mitigation strategies. With an extensive project management background, Jim has managed teams at start ups as well as large, international firms. He is adept at cultivating relationships with internal and external stakeholders to drive client retention and growth. Jim is proficient in multiple areas of technology, including Generative AI, Microsoft Office Products, SharePoint, Teams, various messaging platforms, BrainSpace’s Discovery, and Nuix Discovery/Workstation. As well, Jim holds a deep understanding of the functionalities within Relativity.