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September 24, 2019

Duc Nguyen gives Lunch and Learn on Cyber Insurance Claims Investigations

Duc Nguyen, eDiscovery Services Manager, gave a walkthrough of Cyber Insurance Claims Investigations to the eDiscovery and Digital Forensics teams at bit-x-bit. Duc identified the core framework of a cyber insurance claim and gave insight into insurance coverage counsel's pain points in investigating claims for recovery of costs involving cybersecurity incidents. Providing an overview of triggering events, case assessment, claims analysis, and in-depth reporting, Duc highlighted the bit-x-bit workflow for complex matters involving these claims.

Duc Nguyen, CSAP, CySA+, GCFE, Security+, CFCE
eDiscovery Services Manager at bit-x-bit

Duc Nguyen is responsible for the overall management and delivery of e-discovery services for bit-x-bit’s clients from preservation, processing, and the analysis of electronic evidence to its review and production. Duc works closely with clients to promote efficient, cost-saving workflows, and to help clients gain better insights into their data using sophisticated data analytics tools and analysis. 

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