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February 19, 2020

Attorney John Unice Joins bit-x-bit as Executive Vice President and General Counsel

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Top Pittsburgh-based digital forensics, e-discovery, cyber security, and incident response firm bit-x-bit has added former Covestro counsel John G. Unice to its leadership team as Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

Unice, who joins bit-x-bit as a partner, brings the firm and its clients wide-ranging, high-level experience litigating sophisticated cases, utilizing complex electronic evidence, and leading digital risk-mitigation initiatives. His portfolio spans all aspects of the legal/digital intersection in major corporate and large law firm settings, both domestically and internationally.

“In my experience as corporate counsel and as a trial lawyer, I have always been impressed by the unusual, high-value blend of legal and computer expertise bit-x-bit provides its clients,” says Unice. “Building upon this approach—and ensuring our clients are well-prepared to avoid problems, and to manage them when they do arise—will be priorities for the firm as it continues to grow and evolve.”

“Every year, the digital and cybersecurity landscapes that our clients navigate become increasingly complex,” explains Susan Ardisson, Esq., bit-x-bit CEO. “Staying ahead of that curve is an imperative for our clients, and John’s expertise will help ensure that they have the guidance, tools, and insights to succeed as they manage these difficult challenges.”

“Because he has such extensive experience with electronic data from both the corporate counsel and trial lawyer perspectives, John knows first-hand how to provide tremendous insights and time-saving approaches to our clients,” says Joe Decker, the firm’s Vice President. “There’s no one better than John to have by their side as they conduct investigations, win cases, enhance security, and respond to cyber threats.”

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